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careers for women in uniform

Careers for Women in Uniform
Heiman and Myers

Everyone knows I have a particular issue with career books. This one is particularly interesting as it is all about recruiting women into the the armed forces. Considering the year this was published, I wonder how many women they actually were able to recruit, given anti-war sentiment at the time. I have to laugh at the author’s attempt to make the military appealing to women by constantly talking about how great the uniforms look. Every other page seemed to say “come join the army and wear a cute uniform.”  Even in 1971, this is a pretty ridiculous strategy for attracting women.

Evidently, this book is all about selling the military to women using clothes, parties, and fun. I keep thinking they are leaving out a few things.


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  1. I wore one of those “cute” uniforms, lol. Along with the lime green double knit polyester skirt/pant set that was issued to us as well. I do, however, still have my leather, silk lined dress gloves. They were right on that one.

  2. “The typist is to an office what the infantryman is to an army.” I know a lot of infantrymen and women (the Armed Services now use the term “warfighter”) who would be surprised to hear it! I don’t know any typists; I do know a lot of men my age (62) and older who lamented their passing because now they must type for themselves.

  3. Ah the good old days where you can work in the base library and wear a cute uniform. None of that unseemly stuff like rape, harassment, or sexual assault should upset you. All swept away by the cuteness of it all. <— sarcasm. I was a sweet young thing in the 70s, a civilian contract employee in the Dept od Defense. Mostly officers and almost all men. Army women were almost all clerical. We were all expected to be subservient …..

    1. Yeah, none of the good ole’ days. Like when women would tell young soldiers they were pregnant in order to get them to marry them, so they his money to spend, a house to live in, and tours around the world at someone else’s expense. Like when those same women couldn’t wait for their men to deploy so they go out to the bars and find even younger soldiers. Like when women would falsely claimed they had been raped and got a soldier sent to jail, ruining his life and his career, only later to recant because the evidence proved it wasn’t true and they had lied to get even with the guy. Like when women would intentionally get pregnant to get out of overseas deployments and war zones. Oh wait, that wasn’t in the past. All of those things are happening today. And they have a common theme. Women using sex to get what they want. Oh wait, no, women never do that. Only men can be blamed for that.

      1. Wow… apparently all the guys youve ever met were just great guys and all the women youve met were just evil witches. Poor guys, who knew they have been the victims all along! Thanks for the info!

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