The Ladies Go To Work

woman's work book

Woman’s Work Book
How to get your first job, re-enter the job market, fight for your rights in the work world and more.
Abarbanel and Siegel

Another book from the 1970s that is all about telling women how to get that first job. I like the concept of a book geared to first time job seekers. It is also a blast from another time with a whole chapter devoted to decoding newspaper want ads. I remember back when newspaper ads were categorized by male and female. Aside from the basic resume, cover letter book, nearly a quarter of the book is a directory of organizations that are to be used as a resource. This book would have been out dated probably within a few years of publication.



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want ads

want ads


  1. Having worked for both an advertising agency and an employment agency (decades after the pub date of this book), I’m curious and quite skeptical about the notion that employment agencies hire ad agencies to write individual job ads for clients….

  2. I’m trying to figure out what the print is on the cover lady’s dress…upside down tiger faces? Abstract design? Seventies fashions were memorable!

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