Ladies! Make money at home in your spare time

101 Practical Ways to Make Money at Home

101 Practical Ways to Make Money at Home
Good Housekeeping

Submitter: Weeded from a public library in 2017. Some great options here: Wig boutique! Mimeograph service! Bridge lessons!

Holly: <Eye roll> What possible reason could there be to have this in a library past about 1980? I like the chapter on how to expand into mail order. Also, what is “slimnastics?”

Make Money at Home contents

Make Money at Home contents


  1. “Junque”? “School for Water Babies”?

    Last I knew, “water baby” was a Japaneze euphemism for a miscarriage.

  2. The Water-Babies, A Fairy Tale For A Land-Baby is an old English children’s novel about a boy who falls into a river but instead of drowning he transforms into a water-baby and has many adventures.

    1. By Charles Kingsley! Sitting here in my mother’s guestroom, I am right next to her childhood copy of the book, along with the Lambs’ “Tales from Shakespeare” and “The Swiss Family Robinson.” Big fat green volumes published by Winston.

  3. “Slimnastics” was a form of calisthenics marketed to women as a way to lose weight and achieve a more desirable figure.

  4. I was in my early 20s when this was published. Books like this were considered the ‘Lean In’ of their time.
    Sure, ladies, you could start a small business and become your own woman in your spare time. Let’s not talk about the mechanics of running a business.
    At the same time you also had to make sure that your home, your husband and your children were properly cared for. There also might be elderly relatives who needed looking after and, of course, that was your duty because you were a woman.
    What was that about spare time?
    This book might have a place in an historical collection on Women’s Studies. It certainly doesn’t belong in a modern public library collection.

    1. My parents actually tried this in 1959… it was fairly disastrous. Their female basset hound had 10 pups, and my mother, who was 7 months pregnant, was caring for all of them… the cat had kittens around the same time as the pups were born, and the dining-room was full of puppy-pens and my mom cut her hand opening cans of dog food and then my baby brother turned out to be allergic to animal dander so they had to sell the puppies cheaply and quickly.

      So yeah, don’t do the dog thing. Or a lot of these other things, actually.

  5. Mimeograph service ?? So 1971, all those messy smelly chemicals! Even in 1978 when I started at my current workplace (!), they had a copier that required special coated paper and a transfer roll. Now you can just scan your document on a computer and print it out. So much better!

  6. Also, as for those “World of Food” entries: Do I understand these business ventures are meant to be run from your home? Check your local health laws, they may not allow you to sell food goods that you prepare at home, or at least may require you to have a kitchen for commercial cooking separate from the family kitchen

  7. Talk about a blast from the past! Although to be honest this kind of categorization is still maintained today as well. People nowadays feel more hypocritical about these issues than they did before. It’s almost like a coping mechanism! Thanks to technology though some occupations like typists are falling out of fashion.

  8. Hey, I ALSO run an Animal Talent Agency in my spare time at home! What a coincidence…

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