Know the Score

Know the Score coverKnow the Score: Video Games in Your High-Tech World

Submitter: When I found this book, I happened to glance over at the kids gaming on our computers–our slim, stream-lined computers and thought WOW! This should have been pulled years ago! I guess if someone wanted a laugh, they could flip through this book. Isn’t photo #3 the wizard from ‘Big’?? Haha.

Holly: I’m sure we posted this book in the early days of ALB, but darned if I can find the post. If it’s still lingering in libraries, it’s worth posting again!

Layering objects

Clay figures photographed then digitized

Computer games vs. video games

Hand-held games


  1. I was ordering video games for the children’s department back then. I’ve since moved on to the adult services and then retirement. (Which may be a form of weeding, I guess.)
    Video games have done likewise. So should this book.

  2. Technology books date themselves very quickly. I used to work for a bookstore, which made an effort to purge them every 6 months or so. Since I had “some” computer “knowledge” it usually fell to me.

  3. I’m assuming they have a chapter explaining that you could totally write swears on the tombstones in Oregon trail? when I was playing asshair died tragically a number of times…

  4. Put it in your next library sale. It’s not worth keeping on the shelves, but retro game fans might well be interested in buying it. (I wouldn’t mind it myself!)

    1. I second this^ We underestimate the retro value some things may have. This book is one of them.

    2. Absolutly! We recently had to buy old pre-owned books as our university has now a new study program about video games.

  5. Hmmm… I suspect it’s not only the computers that are dated in this book. I think games themselves have moved on just a little from the illustrated: DOS games, anyone? Text based games, and is that B&W one Donkey Kong? (No, on 2nd look, it’s a very early Mario Bros!!)

    I really shouldn’t make fun, though. A local auction house recently sold off a collection of retro gaming systems from around this era – the prices were amazing!

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