Knitting with Balls

Knitting with BallsKnitting with Balls: A Hands-On Guide to Knitting for the Modern Man
del Vecchio

Submitter: Found this on our shelves last year.  We still have three active copies and one was even checked out in 2016!  LOL!

Holly: This book isn’t awful at all – it’s awesome! I’m posting it because it’s funny. My library totally needs this, and it would probably circulate here. I can see how it’s not for every library, but I think our crafting patrons have a sense of humor that can handle the title. Love it. Submitter didn’t provide pictures of the insides of the book, so I can’t vouch for it’s usefulness, but I do like the idea.


  1. I have/had this book from back when I was into knitting and wanted to teach dude friends, it’s really great! Mine unfortunately got severely water damaged, maybe someone else can share pictures of the inside and projects!

  2. Sorry I didn’t get the pic fixed sooner (busy being a librarian!) hopefully fixed now. For some reason, Chrome has issues with the photos. T

  3. Dare we hope it’s part of a series? When I was younger (80s or 90s) there was a book about ironing, for men. The opening ran something like: “Don’t think of the iron as a woman’s tool. Think of it as a powerful piece of electrical equipment. You could kill someone with an iron.”

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