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Computer Programs for the Kitchen - cover

Computer Programs for the Kitchen

Technology is everywhere–even in the kitchen! You can even make a database of your recipes complete with notes on calories, allergies, servings etc. It is truly amazing! There are even recipes in this computer manual. What probably was an interesting choice in the early 80s, is ridiculous in 2012.


Computer Programs for the Kitchen - back cover

Chef prepares to write his program


  1. There is a modern day comparison: many folks, myself included, use iPads in the kitchen for culinary purposes.

  2. My parents would have grounded me for life if I ever got food that close to our Apple II! Yowch. And what is Roger Delgado (the first Master on Dr. Who) doing to that food? I’m not sure I’d eat it, no matter how good the support programs are.

  3. Nonono! You can store recipes on your computer! They said it in the 80s, and we still haven’t realized the potential.

  4. Masha, if the lobster is not fake, IMO it is irresponsible to show it, and it should have been illegal to catch and sell it. (Even if it is fake, come to think of it, it should not be used as an example.) Some states have laws on maximum legal lobster size in addition to the better-known minimum, to protect the breeding stock. A lobster that big would have many, many more offspring than a small one, and they can live for many, many years — it is dismaying to think about people eating them. (In a Colorado steakhouse once, I attempted to dissuade a companion from ordering a four-pounder — he ordered it anyway and then only ate about half of it 🙁 )

  5. @Judith and @Masha

    I finally see it! It just looked like a bunch of hunks of meat at first until I started looking for this huge/fake lobster.

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