Kiss Me Creep

kiss me creep cover

Kiss Me, Creep

This is the teen version of the icky guy that is just misunderstood. See most of our romance posts. It’s a trope all on its own. Our gal Joy doesn’t like Richie. He constantly teases her. By the end of the book, Joy thinks she might have missed the boat on Richie. Maybe he actually likes her and he isn’t a creep. I think the jury is still out.

Ah, young love.


back cover of kiss me creep

inside flap

interior pages


  1. Oh man, that brings back some memories! I used to read these when I was about 12-13, and I remember this cover. Nothing about the story, of course, just the cover…I sure hope these tattered old things aren’t still circulating anywhere, I can’t imagine that they could survive this long.

  2. That logo makes me think of Betty Crocker.

    I swear all the dumb books, movies, and shows about girls picking jerks gave fuel to the myth that women can’t appreciate a genuinely good man.

  3. I swear I had this book, but I don’t remember this book at all.

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