Killer Karate

Karate moves coverThe 100 Deadliest Karate Moves

Submitter: While cleaning up the sports and athletic section I found this book tucked behind the other books in the section. It looks like it escaped weeding by cowering behind all the other books. Rest assured this was kicked to the recycling bin.

Holly: I see what you did there, submitter.

The only thing saving this book from being the most boring karate book on earth, with its black and white photos of early-80s collars and short shorts, is its title. Well, that and the impending wardrobe malfunction on the cover.

karate punch

karate moves

karate kicks


  1. If I kicked with my bare feet I’m sure I’d break all my toes instead of my attacker’s ribs. They probably would fall down and not be able to breathe, but only because they’d be laughing so hard.

  2. Why’s the one guy in the crop top and always showing off his stomach hair?

    I swear #7 looks like a Monty Python sketch.

  3. That first photo (from page 40) would be a great reference for a gay pinup drawing. That’s my one redeeming factor.

  4. I’d call it a crop top, but it is — as said this decade — a bit sus. You’d expect to see it on the woman on pg. 74. Rarely are the women more dressed than the men.

    I seem to be thinking along the same lines as @Nonius.

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