Kill as Catch Can

Wrestling Skills coverKill-As-Catch-Can: Wrestling Skills for STreetfighting

Submitter: I think it’s an awful book because of all the violence in the world and this book seems to promote more, with instructions on how to be more violent!!

We’re weeding our entire collection right now and I ran across this one. Big surprise, we are the only library that had it (Had it, since I will weed it).

Holly: It has a horrible title! I guess if you live in a rough neighborhood and want to know how to defend yourself without actually killing someone, this might be useful. Perhaps a book on non-violent confrontation would balance the collection, though!


Breaking scissor holds



  1. How many young thugs would go to the library to check out a book to improve their fighting skills? (Nowadays they’d just go to YouTube.)

  2. For a moment, I was taken aback — I thought I knew every single R. Crumb title. But then I realized that the cover art was by someone other than the illustrator.

    Beaumont seems to be a “difficult” author generally, when you look him up on Amazon.

    1. The cover art is by Spain Rodriguez, who worked on ZAP with R. Crumb (as well as S. Clay Wilson, Victor Moscosco, Robert Williams, Rick Griffin and Gilbert Shelton).

  3. Something tells me if you live in a place this might be relevant, you will not be getting books from the library on the subject.

  4. I’ve got to say I completely agree about those “heartfelt” apologies politicians make. The people who died are still dead, nothing you can say will bring them back, and your apology is as fake as an orange tan. Speaking of people who are orange… okay I’ll stop.

  5. I want to hear from whoever actually added this to the shelves, either as a donation or acquisition.

    Seriously, WT[bleep] were they thinking?

  6. The cover and other illustrations almost look like they’re done be a Tom of Finland wannabe.

    It could be of value in some collections but not in a modern public library.

  7. Seems like very similar suggestions to what is written on the sample pages were made at the recent “active shooter training” at my library.

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