Kid’s crafts with a side of germs

craft ideas for kids

125 Craft Ideas
Kids Can Make from Throwaways

So, we have another craft book for recyclables. Some aren’t too bad. (Clown stuff not withstanding). There are a whole bunch of crafts to make with the Styrofoam meat trays. All I can think about is if that tray isn’t washed properly, you are going to have a stinky, germ laden tray of horror stuck right on a kid’s face. See the picture of the children of the corn on the last picture. Maybe that is what happened to them. (Seriously, I get the feeling those kids are about 2 seconds from crying.)


back cover of crafts bottle crafts meat tray mask horse paper bag costume paper bag costume



  1. Those are horrible crafts. They’re going to end up in the trash in no time, so you’ve just wasted a lot of glue on rubbish and postponed its disposal by 24 hours. No wonder kids prefer screens 😀

  2. “Meat tray mask” sounds like a film, or something from one, and ought to be suppressed by a kerosene flame thrower.

  3. Yikes, it’s an ACI short in print form. (They made several educational shorts in the 1970s on how to make art with grasses, boxes, and the like.

  4. A Tic-Tac-Toe game to make? If you’re that desperate, you could get a pen and just play several games on the stupid meat tray. I’d recommend starting on the side the meat wasn’t on.

  5. When I was a kid I’d make toy rafts using a tray that was used for lunch meat, a lump of Plasticine, a drinking straw and some paper for the sail. But I always washed the tray with soap and water first.

  6. And the sequel: “125 Ideas for Coping with Trips to the Hospital Caused by Stupid Parents Who Made a Meat Tray Mak and Made Their Kids Wear It.”

  7. Back in the days of LQP printers, I made some nifty Christmas decorations out of the “burster” paper on the edges of the pages. Turns out they curl rather nicely when pulled across the edge of a scissors.

    Egg carton ornaments used to be a thing… but in general, there’s a reason things get thrown away around here.

  8. I don’t think you can ever truly clean the styrofoam meat trays enough to reuse them. The jucies soak in. At least use ones from fruit or something.

  9. Crafts made from trash shouldn’t look like crafts made from trash! Seriously, the first three items just look silly.

  10. Definitely overdue for a freshen-up. These craft “ideas” are a disgrace to the maker/DIY/crafter movement, not to mention an insult to kids’ imaginations! Point awarded for the easy horse costume. 1,000,000 points deducted for actually using the photo of your kids’ tortured expressions. What? It was the LAST shot on the film roll? Really?!

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