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Disco Basics coverDisco Basics

The fun! The fashion!  Now the kids can join right in!  This title is really for educators trying to do something creative in a P.E. class for kids.  Aerobic dancing was just starting to hit the radar and it looks like this book was on to the aerobics trend.  Since Holly was in elementary school then, I will defer to her on the cool factor.  I, personally did not admit to liking disco music after 1980.  Now that I am comfortable in my non cool status, I am happy to admit that I do love my disco music and proudly still have the vinyl soundtrack of Saturday Night Fever.

Coming down with Boogie Fever,


boy dancing

Routine 4: star wars

Disco is now


  1. lol — my 8 year old can be incredibly active when listening to the Star Wars theme but dancing a grapevine step is not happening.

  2. Although my middle school predates 1979 by a couple of years, I remember doing a lot of disco dancing in gym class, and an early form of aerobics. I seem to recall using the Star Wars theme as one of our top musical choices. I can still remember some of the disco steps! Although we never wore a tux with ruffled shirt and bow tie 🙂

  3. Didn’t you have one like this before? Or am I thinking of the copy we have at our branch that still circulates? I know I’ve seen this exact same book before and I know we have a copy of a book like this if not this one that parents – even ones too young to remember disco music – check out still to look for ways to keep their kids active.

    Heck, our adult disco dancing book from the 70s is our most popular dance book check out.

    I’m normally the first one to call for the weeding of an old book to make room for something more up to date, but if this one is like our disco books and still circulating I’d keep it. Parents are so worried now adays about “the obesity epidemic” they’ll take anything that’ll get their kids moving. Especially now that there are those who want to pass laws to take fat kids away from their parents and put them in foster care.

    And I’m not just saying that as someone who has a bumper sticker that reads “Disco rules! Rap drools!” on her car or a disco ball in her bedroom. I’m saying that because I’ve seen books like this circulate. Enough that I suggested we add some disco dancing instruction DVDs to our collection to go with the belly dancing, line dancing, and swing dancing ones.

  4. Actually, I was only five years old in 1979, so I wasn’t really aware of what was cool. My dad was a high school band director, though, so we were more of a jazz and classical music family than disco. By the time I had any personal taste in music, it most definitely was not disco. (It was whatever ticked my parents off the most…Kiss, Black Sabbath, and Led Zeppelin, mostly.)

  5. If a kid ever wanted to learn how to dance like this (and I highly doubt that there are kids out there who even know or care about disco), he would go to Youtube, not a book. Weed it!

  6. Look at the face of the boy at the bottom of page 14. He goes from “this is cool!” to “enhhh, I’m not so sure” in four dance steps!

  7. Did parents ever want their kids “actively involved in the disco movement?”

    I like the line stating that “each individual will be a winner.” Or as Hot Chocolate more adeptly stated a year earlier, “Everyone’s A Winner!”

  8. Coming across this blog post was such a surprise! That is me, getting down in my snow boots with my friend Dana. To clear things up- I am female, and they aren’t moon boots (I had some though!) they are a different kind of snow boots. The pictures were taken during school, and those of us lucky enough to be in the book got to leave class and disco for a while. My mom had sent regular shoes for me to change into at school, but that was too much effort- I just wore my snow boots all day. I still remember her reaction when she found out I had them on for the photo shoot 🙂 Thanks for the memories!!

    p.s. yes, I am a librarian now!

  9. Swear, I’m thirty-four but that kid in the half disco-tux looks more adult than I ever could!

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