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how to cut kid's hair cover

How to Cut Kids Hair

A home haircut book isn’t a bad idea for a collection. I have been asked this more than a few times in my career. This book has seen better days though. It’s a LOT of tape and the pages are getting a bit crunchy and yellow. It does assume you don’t have any skill and is decent at giving some tips. I would weed it just because it looks old.

During the pandemic, some hair advice might have been welcome to some patrons, but since the library was closed, I bet everyone went to youtube or just went without. Pandemics aside, maybe a book like this is for another era?



back cover

choosing the right style

one cut cut

bangs and sideburns


  1. There must be a new, non-crunchy book like this. Looks very useful before the internet; it might still be in some places.

    I wonder if the boys on the back cover did grow up to hate their photo.

    I wish I’d seen #3 during lockdown, I’d have done that to myself for sure!

  2. I know next to nothing about hair cutting, but I’m always a bit shocked when I see an apostrophe used correctly. KIDS’ HAIR rather than KIDS HAIR?? Be still, my heart!
    — An editor from long ago

  3. This brings back memories, none of them good. I grew up sporting a series of unfortunate home-brewed “maintenance” trims between trips to an actual professional, a practice that only stopped when a stylist told my mom that the amateur cuts actually made it harder for him to cut my hair properly.

  4. Plus, this book would be completely useless to the family of a Black kid, for example.

  5. The “One Cut Cut” sounds like such a bad idea! I notice they don’t include an “after.”

  6. The bangs kids are from the village of the damned!

    I absolutely went to Youtube when I needed to cut my husband’s hair during the pre-vaccine pandemic. A book never occurred to me!

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