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Working Women coverHow to go to work when your husband is against it,
Your children aren’t old enough,
And there’s nothing you can do anyhow
Schwartz, Schifter, and Gillotti

Holly and I went on a field trip a while ago. We visited a couple of small/medium libraries in southeastern Michigan/northern Ohio. We go and look for cool ideas and some possible candidates for ALB. (We also shelf read and front the books because we just can’t let it go.)  Well, I found this book and started swearing. Yes, this book is currently in active circulation at a small public library. In 2014. Kill me now.

Even for 1972, there really is no concrete advice. One resume example and a discussion of a functional vs. chronological resume. Note the helpful “Personal” section on the resume that indicates she is a married mother. There is no helpful discussion of childcare other than a suggestion to call grandma or hire someone. I guess fathers cannot participate in any of these responsibilities.

I get that this is a product of the times, and I bet it was a provocative choice for some libraries. My worst fear is that someone will pick this up while browsing and not realize how dated it is. I just cringe. This is worse than having nothing.

I also included the job description for librarian in the last 2 shots. Note the salary.


Working Women back cover

Working Women front flap

Working Women back flap

The job campaign


Librarian Earnings


  1. I got my first library position around then (1972). $7,500 would have been a good salary at the time.

  2. From the era when photos were routinely included with the resume! Age, health, and marital status….. Of course the employer was less likely to run a national criminal check, too. Different days, indeed. (Dumpster this book; do not send it to the book sale!)

  3. I love that “the stimulation of constantly increasing one’s knowledge” is listed as a challenge…

  4. I’m impressed by the Vice President of Mobil’s remarks, he was obviously a man ahead of his time.

  5. “…the Librarian is more than the spinster who takes in overdue books.” If you’re a married Librarian are you doing something else?! Oh brother.

  6. I think this book is very useful as a historical artifact… amazing to think that only forty years ago this was among the best advice available for women with children who wanted to work… it’s easy to not realize how difficult it must have been, until you see a book like this.

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