Keeping him in stitches…

sew easy menswear cover

The Sew-Easy Guide to Menswear
or How to Keep Him in Stitches

As a mediocre sewer on my best days, I have always been under the impression that menswear is tough to manage. A pair of trousers would probably have me crying. There is a lot of detail to a pair of men’s pants. Call me skeptical for a title that says “sew easy” as part of the title. From the illustrations and just the number of pieces in the patterns, I am sticking to my original thought that menswear is out of my league.

As far as sewing books go, it isn’t too bad. If you are a reasonably skilled sewer and into sewing menswear, this would make a decent reference. As a collection development purchase, I would probably lean to something that had more pictures or even videos. This book is still in circulation as I write this, and the condition isn’t too bad. Depending on a library’s budget or public interest in the subject matter, I wouldn’t automatically weed this. It’s not pretty, but it gets the job done.


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  1. My mom was ridiculously crafty.

    She sewed my clothes. She made slipcovers.

    She sewed her clothes, up to and including lined evening gowns.

    She *bought* Dad’s clothes, from business suits down to working in the yard clothes.

    If she ever saw this book, I’m sure she scoffed at it.

  2. This looks like a not-bad guide to the kind of tailoring techniques that are still part of formal menswear. However, there’s nothing “easy” about it, and most libraries probably have plenty of books with better illustrations and better explanations. Add this one to the book sale if you can’t bear to throw it out.

  3. A woman I used to work with made a suit for her husband when they were first married (in the early 70s, before I met her), partially to save money, and partially just to try her hand at it, since she liked sewing. I always thought that sounded crazy, but it is certainly impressive!

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