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VD: Facts You Should Know

It was kind of disappointing to do a statewide as well as a local search in catalogs and find that there are quite a few public libraries around that still had some of this old material about venereal disease. Of course everyone knows that medical information is probably suspect after a good 5 years or so.  I think that when we are talking about STDs or STIs and other health issues, it’s important we keep this information up to date.

Another disappointing aspect of some of these older materials, especially when we’re talking about sexual health topics, is the not so subtle judgment on moral behavior that really serves no purpose. Today’s young people need up-to-date information, especially on health sexual health topics. Weed these when we get back to work. We will need shelf space for the COVID-19 books.



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  1. Anything on STIs published pre-HIV is especially useless. Just, yikes…

  2. Can we evilly geneto-venerially engineer a Library COVID so everyone applauds out their windows at librarians cleaning things like board books and kindergarten tables because we all have to have books + other medias, and makes the political politicians hot and flustered to explain where the funding has been for so long, and people get in Reuters slideshows volunteering for duty to weed nastys like this one, and everyone makes a dirty look at someone who lets out that he got rid of his now dead father’s incontinence smelling Reader’s Digestive condenzed books by donating them in the book drop and his teenage son breaks up with him?

  3. I own an old copy of ‘Our Bodies, Ourselves’ which states that it is currently unknown if it is possible to catch STDs from toilet seats, because it hadn’t been scientifically established yet. Of course, it was later proved it was not possible to, and that sadly any child that therefore had an STD must have been sexually abused. So even very well researched books are simply going to have out-of-date medical information if they are from that time.

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