Just No Gelatine!

Knox Cookbook coverThe Knox Gelatine Cookbook
Rutledge Books, Inc, Knox Gelatine, Inc

Submitter: Just in time for those summer gelatine/Jello salads – who wouldn’t want calico corn relish, creamy cranberry relish, or a zesty seafood appetizer in gelatine? The pictures just make my…mouth water would not be the right phrase. This one is off to the sale cart.

Holly: That corn thing looks disgusting, and I’ll eat just about anything! What was the obsession with gelatine in the 70s?? Especially paired with weird things like fish.

Mary: Jell-o-type products should only be used with fruit cocktail and maybe some whipping cream, if you want to be fancy. Even reading a recipe of one of these “savories” makes me gag.

Corn Relish

Corn Relish

Shrimp Cocktail Bites

Knox Gelatine

Thousand Island Salmon Spread

Salmon spread


  1. “The pictures just make my…mouth water would not be the right phrase”
    No, it’s exactly the right phrase – people often salivate copiously just before they vomit.

  2. Like so much tech today, so many apps, gelatin is a “food” like product created in search of mouths to eat it. No one asked for gelatin, did they? Even in the English period tv shows they give the chauffeur and staff cheese and bread, they don’t give them a bowl of gelatine.

  3. The photo of the corn thing literally startled me. As in, I flinched a bit. Why wouldn’t you just mix everything except the gelatin together and make it a sort of corn salad?

    The cranberry relish seems tolerable, but again you could do better just by mixing the non-gelatin together, and possibly omitting the Cool Whip.

    ALL of these would be better without the gelatin.

    Jello should only be used for fruity desserts, and in moderation.

    1. Completely agree, but look at the company that produced the book, Knox GELATINE Company. They have one product and a glut of cows’ heels and pigs’ trotters at their factory.

  4. That corn thing, omg, my eyebrows flew up and I gasped. It’s like someone threw it up in the air and the gelatin has captured it, suspended in time. Hideous. Americans are weird.

  5. I’m member of a Facebook group that posts weird second-hand finds, and they regularly post picture of “vomit clocks”. That corn jello thing looks EXACTLY like one of those vomit clocks.

  6. The Shrimp bites honestly made me sick. I should have looked at this before lunch.

  7. Hey, don’t toss out this book too fast. Have you SEEN grocery shelves lately?
    We need all the creative meal planning we can get by the end of the summer.

  8. As someone who despises fruit flavored gelatin sometimes I’m tempted to try the savory recipes with the unflavored kind just to see if they’re as bad as everyone thinks.

    I’m honestly more disgusted by the thought of using Russian or Thousand Island dressings. As far as I’m concerned the only dressing in the world worth using is blue cheese. (But not in gelatin.)

    1. I will bet you (checks pockets) $2.18 there’s a recipe with blue cheese somewhere in this book.

  9. That corn thing looks like someone vomited into the gelatin mold and the chef just went “Oh well” and kept going.

  10. Fun fact: synchronized swimmers smear unflavored gelatin on their hair. It smells GREAT.

  11. Fun Beginnings, Endings and In-Betweens….but no Happy; sorry. Bless you; now go….get out…..

  12. Gah… it seems that jelly receipe books are always a hit here. They garner by far the most comments, anyway.
    FYI: I’m European, post-war, and remember the stuff primarily for the ‘shivering puddings’: just the fruit-flavored, fruit-colored gelatine, nothing else! (maybe some whipped cream). Fun for kids.

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