Just Be ‘Cos

My Big Lie coverMy Big Lie

Submitter: Weeded from the children’s collection at my public library. We kept the other titles (and I really love this series!) but we felt that this one had to go.

Holly: My library still has a copy of this in circulation, although it hasn’t gone out since 2012. This is the story of Little Bill, who lies about why he was late home for dinner. It’s probably ok for kids…as long as they are blissfully unaware of Big Bill’s Alleged Big Lie.


  1. Sigh. We were just talking about Cosby books on the Little Free Library stewards page. It was generally agreed that, regrettably, Cosby books will not be finding a home in most LFL’s.

  2. My library’s copies from this series hadn’t circulated in a few years either, so I had no qualms with weeding them. If they’d been popular, I’d have probably kept them, but wouldn’t replace them once they’d worn out.

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