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Journalist coverJournalist: Eyewitness to History

Submitter: Would you like to know what it was like to become a journalist in 1962? Well here’s the book for you! I was helping a library patron who has been out of work and was interesting in learning more about a career in blogging/ journalism. While browsing the shelf I found this gem. I guess this book would be interesting for a research library, but an active careers section in a public library? Nope.

Holly: I’m not even sure it’s that useful to a research library. An archive or special media-arts subject library, maybe… This is one field that has changed drastically since 1962, so it really needs to be updated.


Journalist - contents

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  1. I won’t lie, I would love that cover art as a poster for my office. There are times, like when I spend the entire day taking notes at the county commissioners’ meeting, or the office manager’s bitching at me because I built an ad “wrong” (meaning: not how she would have done it), when I could really use the mighty sense of purpose it conveys.

    1. It appears to be a riot. That one with the stick in the air is definitely menacing; is he a rioter or a police? And behind everyone, the Serious Journalist taking notes. I hope you get your poster.

  2. The opening paragraph of Chapter 14 is wryly amusing, since people are now abandoning television for the Internet!

  3. Yes, Jim, I can’t imagine how the women’s chapter would look 40-plus years later. Okay, I can imagine …
    However I suspect that “marry the publisher’s daughter” (which I’m guessing is about the lack of money in the biz) is even more timely. At least it would have been at my last employer.
    As a journalist turned freelancer I’d love to read this but I wouldn’t look to it for career advice.

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