John Kerry? In 2016?

coverUnfit For Command
Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry
O’Neill and Corsi

When Holly and I do a road show, this book remains one of our examples of a weeding candidate. Politics can do strange things to a collection. I remember when we bought this book and it was a hot item for about 15 minutes. By the time the election was over, no one cared and this book languished on the shelf, never to move again. We could have weeded right after the election, but we waited to see if there were any takers. As we head into an election year, it is time to keep an eye on those political books that are merely a flash in the pan.



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  1. At least this book created a new phrase, to be swift boated. The same happened in 2012 when Mitt Romney thought his business credential would help him get elected, but they instead turned out to be a liability. If the biographical article I read about John McCain had even a semblance of truth, the same should have happened in his campaign for President since much of his success depended upon his father’s influence and his war story was far from true.

  2. Jerome Corsi also wrote “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” about Obama. Its release might have been the worst-timed book launch in history, as it was the same day Obama released his birth certificate.

  3. This one had a major circulation upsurge in our system when Kerry became Secretary of State. I think we even had to replace an old copy. Maybe in a couple more years, it’ll die down again.

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