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Today’s romance features another klutzy girl called Kit. Kit has been hired as a director for a research and testing job with a toy company. A series of misunderstandings and accidents has caused the boss man to say she is “jinxed.” (It’s amazing how often one has to take clothes off in the middle of all these disasters! Someone call HR!) Naturally, the boss is considered the “Iceman” for his sensitive feelings. ¬†Of course we are all left wondering how long it will take for the Iceman to melt under the charms of klutzy Kit.


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  1. “His dark blue eyes speared her” … “fiery touch of his eyes” … “lighting a small fire”
    Sounds like her boss was the victim of a horrifying laboratory accident leaving him with the unfortunate side effect of destroying everything that visually turns him on.

  2. “Repress her unexpected awareness of him as a man.” Did she not notice that he was a man before that point? I suppose that might make things awkward if she was just suddenly realizing he was a man and not a desk, cow, or whatever the heck she thought he was before this moment.

  3. I love hack fiction.

    The mentions of eyes and looks seems worth mentioning. There are so many.

    – his eyes skimming over her

    – the fiery touch of his eyes

    – his gaze lighting a small fire

    – Stephen’s intense, blue gaze

    – molten gold blaze that leaped into her eyes

    – stop looking at me like that!

    – his sapphire eyes capturing hers

    – not daring to so much as blink

    – Kit’s dazed eyes

    – cold, brown eyes

    – one swift glance

    That’s- what- eleven in a page and a half? Impressive. What’s with the author’s ocular fixation?

  4. AH! I found this book for ten cents once and cut it up to make book themed accessories for my wedding centerpieces. Maybe I should have read it first :-s

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