Jinny Williams Returns

Jinny Williams Library AssistantJinny Williams: Library Assistant
Temkin and Hovell

I have been on the lookout for a copy of this book since we first posted it 5 years ago. Finally my constant searching on Amazon and used book stores has paid off. I now own this awesome library discard for my own personal collection.

Jinny is searching for meaning in her career and of course as we know it takes an entire library to raise a librarian. Jinny starts as a page and works her way up and finally considers librarianship a career. (What will she do with all that money and power?)  Of course there is a crabby senior librarian who gets a bit frosty at Jinny. There is even an annoying customer and minor politics! What is not to love? All she needs is a cardigan and a cat!


Career, Unlimited

A Dance and a Dilemma

All Kinds of People

And Life Goes On


    1. Except she’s not very smart. I read the book. She has a choice between a nice guy, who happens to be rich, and a poor guy who’s jealous and has warning signs of being abusive. Guess which one she ends up with because he makes her tingle? Hint, it’s not the rich guy. Also she decides she doesn’t want to go to college. So she’s never really a librarian because she never gets a degree.

  1. I used to have a dress like Jinny’s. That’s probably what influenced us both to become librarians.

  2. I was once a young modern. Modern doesn’t mean what it used to mean. There are few things less cool than modern.

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