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Crochet Ideas for your Bazaar

Saw this little number in the donation pile and couldn’t resist sharing.  All you crochet fans are probably dying to make some of these awesome items for your gift giving or even personal use. Nothing says love like a couple of crochet egg warmers that look like chickens. I will skip the clown tissue holder for obvious reasons.

The  holiday season is nearly here, so break out the hooks and needles and get started.


Crochet lollipop the lamb

cock-a-doodle egg warmers

Clown tissue cover

Laundry bag


  1. Color pictures would be better, but I could see people wanting to make these. They aren’t that different from some of the things I’ve found on Ravelry. (Full confession, I crocheted a couple of Totoro die bags last year. They seemed to be well received.)

    1. Well, of course! Who doesn’t want a Totoro die bag, pajama bag, toilet paper cover, pair of slippers, tea cozy, or just about anything? (Google “Totoro merchandise” and click on Images, it’s amazing…

  2. I still make crocheted gifts occasionally, but I hope mine look more up-to-date than these!

  3. I totally have this booklet. It’s either this or a very similar one that has a pattern for making bandages for lepers along with the cute little egg warmers etc.

  4. jiffy gifts: stuff to throw out of your mom’s attic when she’s ready for an assisted living facility!

  5. Actually, these “vintage” crochet patterns are wildly popular among a certain crafty set. Put it in your book sale and it will defnitely sell.

  6. I still remember my doting Grandmother attempting to teach me to crochet. I think it may have been the only time I had her despairing of me (I was never very able when it came to what used to be called domestic skills). I do remember that some German aunts brought made me a couple of crocheted dogs; I still have them to this day.

    1. My very accomplished mother-in-law, sadly no longer with us, taught me to crochet. She would also have taught me to reupholster furniture and build or remodel a house (at both of which she excelled) had I shown any interest.

  7. Those egg warmers are very useful in case you’re about to eat a boiled egg and you get interrupted by a phone call, someone at the door, or whatever. Not only does it keep your egg warm, but also looks like a chick in your eggcup, so it makes everybody happy. A truly remarkable invention, how did we ever manage before they were thought of?

  8. I’ve never crocheted and had a failed attempt at learning to knit, but after looking at those two pages of seemingly complicated and difficult instructions just to make a Cock-a-doodle egg warmer with a Turkish fez, makes me never want to learn to crochet.

  9. I have a vast collection of these pattern books. I love them and their kitschiness!!!! This is missing from my organized and annotated collection!!!! I NEED THIS ONE!!!!!

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