1. I pride myself on knowing a lot of celebrities who are “before my time,” but even I don’t know who maybe one-third of these people are.

    Why would people think Michael Caine was Jewish? Although, I did actually think Jerry Orbach was Jewish, so I learned something new today.

  2. NGL, the first thing that popped into my head was the scene in “Airplane!” where one of the passengers requests some “light reading” and the flight attendant hands her “Famous Jewish Sports Legends.”

  3. Having some awareness now of the everyone-knew-about-it-but-me “Catskills”, this looks like another account of what was once, but now gone, but some people can’t say to themselves, “it is gone”.

  4. Old enough that they have Joel Grey and Kirk Douglas, but not Jennifer or Michael…

    1. I wonder if this is a reprint of an even older edition that wasn’t updated?

      Because by 1987, Michael Douglas was a big star in his own right and had at least one Oscar.

    1. She was also related to former Israeli prime minister Shimon Peres (their birth names were Betty Joan Perske and Szymon Perski).

  5. Where’s Barry Manilow? Just because he’s 1/4th Irish doesn’t mean the 3/4ths of him that are Jewish don’t count.

    1. Yes, Barry certainly should have been in the book.

      Not to mention, in 1987, they never heard of the 100% Jewish Steven Spielberg?

  6. Abe Vigoda was cast in “Barney Miller” because of his brilliant portrayal of Tessio in “The Godfather.” He’d already impressed many on Broadway in productions like “Marat/Sade” and “The Man in the Glass Booth.”
    “[S]truggling actor,” my eye!

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