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puppets go to church

Puppets Go To Church
Perry and Perry

Puppets, clowns, and mimes are my personal trifecta of evil. However, when one is in charge of collection development at a library, it is essential to set aside one’s personal issues with respect to puppets, mimes, and clowns and recognize that others love this stuff. Personally, since these puppets are on a mission from God, I am even more disturbed. But I digress.

This is less about puppet craft and more about performance and integrating Gospel themes into modern lessons. This would be a decent choice for some Christian school and church libraries if it were the mid to late 1970s. The scripts seem a bit dated and in one skit there is a reference to being spanked by someone’s mother, which would make it questionable for some libraries.


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  1. I grew up on the Muppets, so I was spoiled. Church puppets shows always seemed so mediocre to me. Including the ones from this book. Maybe if I didn’t know there was something better out there I might have appreciated them more.

    That girl on the cover looks like she’s evil and trying to destroy that little church. Surely that wasn’t the author’s intention.

  2. When I think of this as a way to hold kids attention for religious services I cant help but think of the stop motion clay mation TV show “Moral Orel,” a kind of twisted take on “Davey and Goliath.”

  3. Based on this cover, I’m almost expecting little puppet people to come running out of that church, look up, and yell, “Godzilla!”…

  4. I was spoiled by the genius of Jim Henson as well, but thanks to YouTube I’ve been able to see plenty of poorly-made and disturbing puppet shows with Biblical messages, such as one where the message is to always obey your parents because disobeying is a huge sin. So I guess if one of your parents tell you, “Hey kid, come sniff this rag and tell me if it smells like chloroform”, you’d better do it.

  5. Going to CCD was bad enough, but puppets and telling moral tales about frozen frogs to young children would have me switching to Zoroastrianism!

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