Jesus loves budgets

what husbands wish their wives knew about money

What Husbands Wish Their Wives Knew About Money

This book is a mix of scripture and financial advice. For the most part, the author assumes that the woman is clueless about the intricacies of money. This book is to help the husband explain the big bad world of money management. There are lots of stories sprinkled throughout the book on women being trapped by credit. (I guess the men are more immune to the the call of credit.)

The couples profiled have a variety of problems: wife wants to live way above the family’s means, the husband is a miser with the funds, and wife resents him. A husband is somewhat “shamed” for making his wife take a job typing in her spare time. Good husbands don’t do that. The wife, in another scenario, “borrows” from her father. This is bad too. Her husband needs to step up. The couples are headed for trouble unless they start taking budgeting seriously. For the most part, the wives are the problem. They just don’t understand that they can’t buy everything and need to stand strong against evil credit.

Bottom line: Jesus loves budgets.



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  1. Jim and Sue shouldn’t have even gotten engaged before they graduated, let alone get married. Sheesh. No wonder the marriage was on the rocks. They couldn’t even support themselves.

    Also, I’m surprised by how progressive the book is, considering it’s probably for evangelicals from fifty years ago. Women are actually allowed (and encouraged!) to keep the books instead of just submitting to their husbands without question.

    1. My parents didn’t get married till after both of them had graduated.

      In the late 1940’s.

    2. Yes, with my humanist feminist hat on, this is pretty decent for it’s day. It says both marriage partners need to be thinking about finance, and it’s fine if the wife is the one doing the money management. Also, I like that the author doesn’t think much of credit cards. Me either, Larry, me either.

    3. Also, I bet Jim and Sue ended up divorced before they were 20. Marrying that young is madness, even for then.

  2. My mom was always, always in charge of keeping the books and finances. Dad couldn’t budget worth a darn and spent like money was going out of style.

    Mom would have been tempted to smite this guy upside the head with his book, but being a lady, she would have muttered “I suppose he means well, bless his heart.”

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