Jesus and the Minecrafters

Bible for Minecrafters coverThe Unofficial Bible for Minecrafters: Life of Jesus: Stories from the Bible Told Block by Block
Romines and Miko

Submitter: I was extremely surprised to find this (British) book in our British public library, having only ever seen similar horrors coming from the USA displayed in Awful Library Books. It is worth noting that it twice includes the disclaimer ‘This book is not authorised or sponsored by Microsoft Corporation…or any other person or entity controlling rights in the Minecraft name, trademark, or copyrights.’ That statement somewhat raises the question of how it ever got to be published in the first place, especially in the Sue-you-if-you-so-much-as-mention-me United Kingdom with its draconian libel and copyright laws.

Back of the book does, however, reveal the fact that ‘Authors Garrett Romines and Chris Miko are both involved in primary school education in the United States, and in providing educational camps, camps, workshops and curriculum around interactive classes’. It adds a new dimension to the word AWFUL on so many levels and seems equally offensive to devout Christians, avowed atheists and simply on grounds of good taste whatever your faith might be. One even finds oneself wondering if it wasn’t secretly put out as part of a diabolical plan by Al Qaieda or the Taliban?

When I first saw it, surprised, showed colleagues and we had a bit of a laugh, but left it in our children’s collection. Next time I noticed the ghastly work it had actually been borrowed and was coming out of the 72 hours quarantine we have on returned books under Covid-19 restrictions: sent to Awful Library Books and withdrawn from stock.

Holly: Because nothing praises Jesus like a Minecraft crucifixion.

Minecraft crucifixion

Minecraft Wise Men


  1. Was it too hard to make a Minecraft camel, or did they stray from the traditional Wise Men depiction for some other reason? Anyway, ugh ugh ugh. How on earth did this even get published? And the book’s title suggests that there could be other such volumes. Double yuck.

    1. I found the Wise Man-horse thing pretty strange too. Especially the one who’s rearing up, which shows the man isn’t wise about horses.

      I know Minecraft is deliberately chunky, but ISTM they could have gotten things a bit finer-grained. And some better fonts. And camels.

  2. I see The Bible For Minecrafters all the time in Christian bookshops. It’s been around for years so I doubt it’s skirting legality in any way.

    Isn’t the submitter a tad melodramatic? I get that a Minecraft crucifixion is ridiculous and I don’t like mainstream Christianity much either but I can’t see what’s so terrible about it? The submitter sounds like they decided to pull it just because they wouldn’t read it and surely that’s bad practice for a librarian.

  3. Not a patch on “The Brick Testament”, with Lego and free online for years. TBT also looks more visually appealing.

    Can the submitter find out who bought this and have a serious talk with them? What a waste of money!

    Most people of any faith or none are going to look at this and say “Jesus Christ!” but not in a reverent way.

    I hope I’m the first one to say “this book makes the Baby Jesus cry”.

  4. I work for a publishing house in Germany and we have published books that are Minecraft-themed. Mojang has very strict rules, but you ARE indeed allowed to use the word “Minecraft” in the title of your book, just not in the official font and you are not allowed to use the in the main title (variations like “minecrafter” are OK though). And of course you have to put a note in there that it is not an official Mojang product, which is probably why the bible has that note, too.

    I personally wouldn’t buy any sort of bible, but if you are into that kind of thing and have a kid that you want to be into that kind of thing, too, I don’t see a problem in sneaking in your ideology via a medium that your kid enjoys anyway. There have been worse attempts. Also: hats off for recreating all scenes in the actual game, which must have taken SO. MUCH. TIME.

  5. Yeah, go to any bookstore (such that still exist) or even the book section at Walmart and you’ll see a raft of unofficial Minecraft books. Sure, game guides, but Minecraft-based fiction far outnumbers those. So clearly there’s no IP violation issues involved.

  6. If it is faithful to a well recieved Bible translation (KJV, RSV, NIV, …) and not objectively offensive (no scorn of other interpretations, nothing “gratuitous”), I would let it stay and see what circulation it has. Unconventional for sure, but using English more recent than King James’s day was too at that time.

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