Jekyll and Bride

Wedding You Want coverHow to Have the Wedding You Want
(Not the One Everybody Else Wants You to Have)
The Only Guide That’s On Your Side!

The advice in this book was pretty good 23 years ago. I got married in 1996, so this would have been a great choice for my wedding! I love the chapter headings (see image below). I’m especially intrigued by “Jekyll and Bride,” “When People You Love Hate Each Other,” and “You’ll Sit Where I Tell You to Sit.”

There are no pictures, but it isn’t so much an idea book as an advice book, so that is actually ok. It talks about budgeting, etiquette, and other practical considerations about The Big Day. It’s all just very dated, like the example in the image below about whether to have a live band or “Memorex,” which seems to just mean a DJ. There’s a 2014 edition you could update to, and it might be worth it since the actual format and style of the book are pretty useful.


Wedding You Want back cover

Wedding You Want contents

Wedding You Want contents

Memorex or Live Band


  1. Yeah, if the author is doing a play on the old “Is it live, or is it Memorex?” advertising slogan, it is definitely too dated.

    That said, I wish I’d had this book back in ’85, when I got married!

  2. The suggestion that you can get a friend to DJ for far less than you’d pay a professional is frankly appalling. “Hi! Would you like to plan my music, supply the appropriate recordings and equipment, and spend my entire reception fielding complaints about the choice of music, while all our other friends are dancing, eating and enjoying themselves? I’ll even pay for the gas to get here.” If you happen to have a friend who is a professional DJ, and that friend happens to offer their services as a wedding gift, that is the friend’s choice. If it comes from the bride, it’s an insult.

  3. I like the cover bride’s red sneakers. They set a good tone for the book.

    It’s just a shame there isn’t more text. It looks like a fun and practical read.

    I was married in 1983 and would buy this at a book sale just to relive the good (bad) old days of Wedding planning.

  4. We got married in 1995 and, yes, we did ask a friend (who wasn’t a professional DJ) to play music for us, which he was happy to do. Too bad we didn’t see this book back then but we found a few others. Probably the most useful thing we found was a wedding video but Judith Martin, aka Miss Manners, that we found at the public library–and we watched on our VCR, of course!

  5. I read this in 2007 before I got married! It was the favorite of all the wedding books I checked out from work (and I just checked, we still have it and it was last checked out in 2011). I liked all the advice that was geared to family members that weren’t getting along, preventing drama, and how to maintain your sanity. BUT it was definitely too dated in 2007 and I’m surprised we haven’t weeded it yet. Maybe I should help the process along…….

  6. This book makes me think of A Practical Wedding and Offbeat Bride, both blogs that have published books. What is considered “normal” has changed so much for weddings. It is most apparent when my boss at my frame shop would call literally every invitation “unconventional” when we have to frame it. Is it still unconventional if everyone does it? lol

  7. “The Son Worshipper” – my mother-in-law is great, but I’ve heard horror stories from friends. I probably would have checked this out when I got married in 2001.

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