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Make Your Own Great VestsMake Your Own Great Vests: 90 Ways to Jazz Up Your Wardrobe

Submitter: Ah, I remember when vests were all the rage. This book captures some of the more extravagant vests of the 90’s. Denim vests, sequined vests, vests with tassels, the possibilities are endless! But wait, this one will really blow your mind, a vest with little vests on it (picture attached).

Holly: Cute.  Reeeeeal cute.  Who would wear this…and to where??  Also, why?

clothesline vest


  1. Oh my God I’m probably going to have a nightmare now about someone wearing that vest of vests. Maybe someone could wear it to a dance. Nah I think the best plan would be to burn it and never think about it ever again but at least it gave me a laugh.

  2. Yo dawg, we heard you like vests, so we put some vests on your vest so you can jazz while you jazz.

  3. Oh. My. Gosh. There was a lady at the Baptist Church I attended as a kid who wore stuff like this. She had a frosted blonde mullety perm and loved geese with ribbons around their necks.
    Weed this sucker and bury it under a full moon.

  4. That is one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen. And when exactly were vests fashionable? I’ve never considered them even slightly fashionable.

    1. That’s funny. Oprah did a “man makeover” show last week, and at least one of the “afters” was wearing a vest. So.

  5. Wait–is it for a man? Maybe he wears the vest, and you wear the pom-pom lingerie! We have an educational consultant that dresses like Ms. Frizzle from Magic School Bus. Different theme sweaters with theme skirts with theme accessories and duck-wing hair! Eye-popping!

  6. Before a couple of days ago I would have been agreeing about the vest question: no case at all where they need to be included in your wardrobe. I think that still stands for 80’s vests, but this woman has some that really appeal to me:

  7. Oh, I remember when vests were “in”. That was like 1990 or so.

    But this?

    never in.

    And if you you aren’t in? You’re out!

    Aufweiderzein, vest books. Time for a weeding.

  8. whoa… vests on a vest… it’s like a…. META VEST.

    Excuse me while my brain explodes.

  9. Um, did you all have the unpleasant experience of shopping last, and this season? Theerrreee baaack! Uggh!

  10. But it looks like something from one of the runway fashion magazines my daughter loves to peruse. Which, of course, still doesn’t mean anyone would every wear it.

  11. I think the better question is who wouldn’t wear the vest of vests? (And let’s pretend like “wouldn’t” is italicized here…)

  12. Actually, Harrison Ford as Han Solo is the one man I can think of who could rock a vest.

  13. I actually do wear a vest sometimes. My employer’s dress code requires that we wear black clothing (gag) and sometimes I’ll wear a colorful blouse with a dainty little black vest. That way I’m up to dress code. (I HATE wearing blazers).

  14. You know who wore a vest was Dianne Keaton in Annie Hall, and she looked great. They look dressy. They’re always “in fashion” in the fall for the warmth factor.

    1. Bwahahaha! You know, I sing that song at LEAST once a week, and it totally popped into my head when I saw this book.

  15. While this particular book may be dated, and while I wouldn’t make the vest with little vests on it, I think that vests are a great addition to a wardrobe. They dress up a blouse and skirt or pair of pants while not being as formal (or warm!) as a jacket. I wear them spring, summer, and fall!

  16. Elementary school teachers. We sometimes wear vest like this. On special occasions, of course. Funky holiday vest with many 3D elements that sparkle are my favorite.

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