Jazz up your clothes

Clothing Decoration - cover


Sunset Ideas for Clothing Decoration
Gonsalves, ed.


For all you fashion forward people, here is your book to jazz up any look with embellishments, paints, and other doodads.  Who wouldn’t want their man in a groovy looking caftan with all the bells and whistles. Now you can look groovy at your next swingers meeting with these fashionable looks.

Do yourself a solid and decorate your clothes!




Clothing Decoration - Creative Clothing

Clothing Decoration - Ideas for Surface Decoration

Clothing Decoration - Basic Patterns to Decorate

Clothing Decoration - Surface Decoration

Clothing Decoration - Dyes and Paints


  1. I have this book, and a few others as well. They’re some of my favorites because they’re really…um…experimental. 🙂

  2. I know, every decade’s fashions look dated in hindsight – I’m sometimes surprised by just how odd stuff from the ’90s looks today, because it felt fairly neutral to me at the time – but the ’70s… I can’t even…

  3. ideas for surface decoration: “as you can see by these photos, we don’t %&$# around. these surfaces have been *owned*”

  4. “An air of simple dignity surrounds ‘Cloak for Endymion’”. “Dignity” is the last word I’d choose to describe a man dressed like a wedding cake.

  5. Bottom right, left page, bottom image: Wow, even cult leaders could be stylish in the 1970s!

  6. There’s some things from the 1970s I think we should bring back – men wearing the waist of their pants AT their waist instead of around their knees, disco music, horror movies –

    But this book, no. Unless someone can turn these outfits into Halloween costumes.

  7. That groovy rainbow cloak can be used in a production of that musical about Joseph and his dreamcoat.

    It was the 70’s. Maybe it was.

    1. I hope the model never saw the final product — he would be embarrassed to death. At least, I hope he would…

  8. I would wear that purple top with the birds on it. I wear things like that to my job…at the library!

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