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Japan Expo Guide coverJapan Expo ’70 Guide

Submitter: Another horribly outdated travel book. The sad thing is this actually circulated 10 years after the Expo! Even sadder is that it’s been sitting on the shelf for 30 more years. Imagine a deluxe hotel today going for $18 a night. We love the suggestion of packing a fur stole. We are a state library.

Holly: Cool book in 1970. By 1980 it was pretty much done-for. Now? Doorstop.

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  1. “It’s almost 2000 AD … a world of monorails, moving sidewalks … how to get there by ship”

    Definite archival material, if it is still in good shape.

  2. I did a quick Wikipedia search. Monorails, moving sidewalks, and cable car buses all really predate the seventies. I guess that makes them a better prediction for the future than jet packs. 🙂

    1. Yes, I think medical advances are much more exciting, particularly in regards to improvind disabled people’s lives.

  3. It’s strange how obsessed folks were about moving sidewalks in the day. I mean, I’ve used them in airports and they’re…okay. Not just super life-changing, and they seem way less impressive than, say, a train system that runs constantly underneath a whole city.

    Maybe my experience would be different if the year 2000 had included both moving sidewalks and police officers who would truncheon anyone blocking the entire walkway and staring vacantly off into space. Stand right and walk left, you animals, some of us have poor Cinnabon-related decisions to make!

  4. I think it’s actually kind of neat- I’m sure a student, researcher, archivist, or history professor could use this. It seems like a great snapshot into the mindset, expectations, and even advertisement strategy in Japan in the late sixties.

  5. That really puts the “lug” in luggage! At least it was considered part of the fare to take a change of clothes with you! You didn’t have to rent space in the cargo hold that is COMING ALONG WITH THE PLANE, empty or not. WTF?? Why are we paying to fly AIR from one place to the other?

  6. It’s cute how they explain what sushi is. (Of course, this was a perfectly sensible thing to have in a book in the 70s.) It’s kind of odd they have a list of what to pack, though. I think most adults could work that out for themselves.

    1. Packing lists are pretty standard in travel books, aren’t they? What I think is weird is that they say for a month’s vacation, bring three sets of underwear. I guess they’re figuring you’ll wash it out in the hotel sink at night? It seems like it would be more sensible to forgo the fur stole and use that space to pack a full week’s worth of scanties.

  7. No kidding about putting the “lug” in luggage! Who brings a bathrobe and *multiple* sets of pajamas with them on an overseas trip? I moved overseas with one nightgown and no bathrobe! And, of course, I don’t own a slip, petticoat, girdle or pantyhose (let alone 6-12 pairs!). What’s wrong with only bringing a few pairs of hose and washing them in the hotel bathroom? And why do you need more than one formal dress? The fur stole is, of course, self-explanatory, although they sadly omitted tiara. I try never to do serious travel without my tiara.

      1. Fitness gear? Pah! No need to exercise; just wear a girdle. “Slimming” is the only reason a lady might exert herself, right? As for that “endorphin boost” fitness freaks vaunt–a few cigarettes will perk you right up, too!

  8. The wardrobe advice seems about two decades out of date! Even back in 1970 I think I would have packed jeans and maybe traveled in them, although I do remember a plane trip in 1968 when I wore a dress… I find the advice to take 3 “girdles or panties” vs. 6-12 pairs of hose odd and inexplicable. I am pretty sure that by then girdles were definitely on the way out — I know mine were already gone — and why are they equated to panties? Brrr.

  9. I do enjoy this for its quaintness (explanation of the concept of “sushi,” girdles and fur stoles, etc.) Although I agree that the packing list for women seems out-of-date even for 1970. Plus yeah, 12 pairs of nylons for 3 pairs of underwear? That hardly sounds civilized.

  10. Must say, my desire for this comes from the fact that I ACTUALLY went to this EXPO when my family lived in Japan! Wish I could get my hands on this to remind me of how awesome it was!

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