Janet Reno

Jet Reno coverJanet Reno

This one came out of my library.This book has had exactly zero checkouts and has been in the collection since the mid 1990s. Of course, Janet Reno is a good subject for a youth biography. I wonder if she is just not on the kids’ radar as an important person. Regardless, Janet could use an upgrade since this book barely covers her tenure with the Clinton administration.



Harvard Law School yearbook photo

Swearing in as attorney general


  1. What’s kind of sad about biography books like this one is that kids are much more likely to use the internet for this kind of research these days. I can remember looking at books like this when I was in elementary school and learning about all kinds of people.

    1. I remember it! When I was weeding this book, that is all I could remember especially since Will Ferrell wore the same kind of suit she is wearing on the cover.

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