It’s Okay to Say Don’t

It's Okay to Say Don'tIt’s Okay to Say “Don’t”
A Book About Protecting Yourself

The 1980s seem to be full of the “stranger danger” books. My personal opinion is that the McMartin Preschool trial brought this subject to near hysteria levels by the late 1980s and 1990s.  I remember there was hardly a day that went by that wasn’t filled with all sorts of bizarre cases.

Regardless, this book is probably a result of that hysteria. This one also has the requisite creepy situations and people,  too. (Note the porn stache on the guy trying to get these kids.)  The solution is say “don’t” and then run away (where is not specified). Having seen quite a few of these types of books float through this site, I will say this isn’t the worst. Check out the links below.



It's Okay to say don't

The sweeping man

Bad touches

Uncle Henry plays funny games



  1. Hey, I had this one when I was a kid. There are some magnificently creepy men in the book, and the porn ‘staches don’t end with the cover. There was a curly-haired gentleman in particular who looked like an unholy blend of Richard Simmons and John Holmes who haunted my nightmares.

  2. I had this book as a little kid! I remember that just reading it made me feel sick and confused like the kids in the short stories. I didn’t really “get” it until I was older, but it had the desired effect.

    1. Good point. Apparently, Chessy has never been in the top 1000 most popular names in the US and there has never been a famous Chessy. It is, however, a township in France. I suspect drugs.

  3. As an adventurous kid in the 1980s (and the daughter of a *very* protective mother) I was always a bit disappointed not to have the chance to fend off kidnappers and show my moxie. Mom and my teachers made it sound like this stuff happened all the time, but I never had to use the family “safe word” or flee to the police. Of course, now I’m quite thankful for that, but as a kid, it sounded kind of exciting.

  4. Maybe the janitor wouldn’t think of her as his little honey if she didn’t hump his leg like that.

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