It’s All in the Jeans!

American Denim coverAmerican Denim: A New Folk Art

Jeans aren’t just some groovy pants, they are art!

This is one of those books that isn’t necessarily awful. The point of this book is to show design/art with denim. That’s cool. Is it a weeder? Not unless it isn’t within the scope or mission of your collection. This wouldn’t be worth space in my tiny library but larger or specialized libraries would probably snap this up. I feature it here on the site because I love the model pictures and I am wondering how much they had to pay these models. My personal favorite is the jean jacket with the upside down sheep (I think that is what it is) and the nude woman (last picture).


design on back of jeans

zippers and sequins

patches and buttons

sequin applique



  1. Oh, I love this stuff! It’s a wonderful sociological/anthropological record of a point in Western culture.

  2. However much these models may have been paid, it was too much. I wonder if model #1 kept a copy of that shot to show her children a souvenir from her illustrious career.

    These are seriously horrible clothes. Burn this book. Burn it with Fire!

  3. How disappointing for last season’s fashion designers. The exposed zipper is not at all new or innovative. Maybe we can move on now.

    1. Meanwhile, I’m thinking that a wee bit of embroidery on a piece–not the nude women, though!–can be tasteful and decorative. I’ve been considering putting a wee flower on the back pocket of my jeans, to dress them up a little bit.

      But the entire pair of pants? No. No no no. Shan’t. It was cool in the 70’s, but now it just looks way too busy and tacky.

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