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Yet ANOTHER sweatshirt remaking book. Evidently the 80s were all about decorating sweatshirts. I can’t tell you how many books I have seen that were all about making the sweatshirt better. It’s not supposed to be better or fashionable. It’s a sweatshirt.

I like my sweatshirts for a variety of reasons: they are comfortable and they can keep you warm. Never, ever should they be considered fashionable. Let sweatshirts be sweatshirts!


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  1. I feel like I should be listening to Phil Collins on my Walkman and eating an Alpine White bar as I look at this! These styles couldn’t be more cheesy and 80’s.

    1. Hmm, I had Phil Collins on the radio to work this morning, so not now. I think I’ll see what else from The Elegant 80s I can find on Youtube now.

  2. I must be the queen of cheese, because I wore sweat-shirts with Garfield and Alf on them when I was a teenager. They went great with my embroidery floss friendship bracelets.

    At least they were a little more wholesome than those gel bracelets that came out later.

  3. Whoa, you’re supposed to be sewing your own sweatshirt?? Nobody did that in the 80’s! We bought them from a wall o’ sweats with shelves of matching tops and bottoms as far as the eye could see! Oh, my children…the acres of fleece! The blousey, elastic-cuffed pant legs like chilly harem girls had overtaken the Hanes factory! The colors! The hideous 80’s colors! All the shades of the glorious teal and salmon rainbow! And we wore them as they came, like decent people do! Oh, sure, we might have cut the pants into shorts to look cool if we were men, or cut the neck out to look Flashdancey if we were women, but we certainly didn’t have any part of this insert-and-applique bacchanal! For shame, Kwik-Sew! Stick with your wrap skirts, aprons, and heavy corduroy jumpers that flatter no one! Leave us in all our besweatpanted dignity!

  4. Unlimited!! Am I going to party (in my sweatshirt or, as we call them here in Australia, windcheater) tonight!

    1. Oh, I always figured a windcheater was something like an anorak — something that blocks the wind, which you can’t say a sweatshirt really does… Another name for “windbreaker.”

  5. IDK, as someone who sews, the decorations may be dated, it the instructions for making different kinds of necklines/cuffs/hems, altering patterns for different size bodies, etc, still seems very applicable. And while you might mock the very idea of sweatshirt-wearing in 2019, perhaps you e heard of that other popular garment, the hoodie? Lots of people still wear transitional indoor/outerwear made of cotton fleece fabric. With embellishments, even. Just not *these particular ones*. But the entire point of being able to interchange different decorative elements is that a book like this may look dated but is still useful for its techniques.

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