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We take a break from our National Library Week to remind everyone that it is April 15. For those outside of the USA, it is tax day. Don’t forget to file. As of this writing, this book was still on file in a public library business/finance collection. I am sure it is super helpful, especially for people e-filing!  If anyone says “historical value” to me I will clobber them with an 1991 10-key adding machine. Better yet, how about you work a ref desk in a public library on April 15 for people who just started to realize they need forms. Can you say Form 4868?

I’m not (that) bitter, I am one of the dorkier librarians that actually likes tax season. I like to test my customer service skills/tax knowledge and of course mention that monetary gifts to the library are usually tax deductible.

Happy tax day and take deep breaths when you have had to explain, for the thousandth time, why there aren’t instructions.


For the record, I can give you contact info for the White House, but President Obama doesn’t check with me about tax forms.

Sure Ways to Cut Your Taxes

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    1. Depends on the issue. Usually a couple during tax time. I had more when I was at a larger library.

    2. I previously worked at a Government Documents Library. To answer your question, more people then your would think. I had a hand out. 🙂

  1. Just for the record, the people generally don’t ask the librarians at my library, they ask me, the desk clerk. And, no, I don’t know why the state hasn’t sent your tax forms this year- but you can ask the librarian in the reference room…

    1. Yes, Kathy. Even though we have the tax forms at the reference desk they still come back to us clerks. Especially now that the IRS isn’t sending out 1040 booklets. And even though we have a sign explaining that and telling them how and where to get one, they still demand to know why we don’t have them.

      1. When I was 16, and just starting out in libraries. My first job was to stock the Tax forms in the very large library in our big city.

        People would swoop in and topple my little cart trying to grab tax forms. They would try to ask me complicated tax questions. I would look up at them and just say, I am 16, my dad does my taxes.

        They kept coming and coming. “Do you have a Form F?” shudder to think back to those times.

  2. Name might better be “How to aggravate overworked IRS staff”. I have sympathy for them trying to do an extremely difficult job.

  3. I had a 70-year-old patron complain that, thanks to Obama, we now have to do taxes EVERY YEAR. He must owe some serious back-taxes from the Bush administration.

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