Is it art? Is it craft?

fun crafts cover

Fun Crafts

I was all set to make fun of the cover and was prepared for a book about some crafts from plastic eggs, or maybe something straight out of the trash. This book is a bit more arty than I would have guessed from the cover and title of “fun crafts”. The crafts in this book were not what I expected. Instead of some kind of toilet cozy to knit, there were discussions and instructions on some serious looking baskets, metalwork, and wood carving. I am not sure this book qualifies as “fun” since there are some serious supplies and skills needed for the projects. (I am in no position to offer up an opinion on the relative “fun” of these crafts.) I do think this is an example of the cover and title do not reflect the book’s audience. It seemed a bit thin on skills and directions to be an actual manual for instruction, but too complex for an amateur.It did have that oh-so-groovy late 60s modern art vibe though.


wire jewlry with model

metal craft

how to make mobiles


  1. I don’t think the cover is a bad match for the content. That’s a pretty solid looking basket she’s weaving, which seems to fit with the more arty craft projects inside.
    I agree the title seems off. If I saw that on the spine or in the card catalog, I’d assume it was a book of more generally accessible crafts.

  2. “Fun” crafts sounds like something easy that you can make with the kids and the result is something like a toy, like gluing pom-poms together to look like animals and putting cute little wiggly eyes on them.

  3. Looking at this cover, all I can think of is how hard it was to “sit like a lady” in that first generation of miniskirts.

  4. The picture of the mobile just makes me think, “Why make a mobile when I could just go out and make a mobile?”.

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