Invest in Beautiful Things

invest in beautiful things

How to Invest in Beautiful Things Without Being a Millionaire

This book is part consumer guide and part inspiration to get rich by investing in collectibles. Sounds like a plan. I am sure the Beanie Baby crowd would be on board.

My father was a coin collector and he just loved the history and beauty of the coins and collecting wasn’t about an investment or a way to get rich. For most collectors, I think that the value lies in the collecting, and not in potential wealth.

Aside from changing tastes, this book is just so out of date to be helpful to anyone in 2019.  Time to let this go.


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    1. “Influencer” makes more sense. I was thinking it was a weird way of referring to a celebrity chef. In my defense, I’m on Day Million of a little three day cold, so I’m stupid on Luden’s at the moment, lol.

  1. While working for decades in an art museum I learned many things about buying art or antiques.

    The best is, ‘You buy something because you appreciate it. You do not buy because you think it will appreciate’.

    1. Exactly. I am all for people buying original art over buying a boring print from a big box store. But I work at a frame shop and I am shocked how many people coming in talking about preserving art or collectable and talking about their investment. We just smile and nod and take their money. The icing on the cake is when parents say they are framing it for their children after they die. We get so many things that aren’t worth anything, which is fine if you want to enjoy it, but there is no need to add this pressure to your kids that you spent money JUST FOR THEM and they don’t actually want it.

  2. During the Beanie Baby craze, a relative of mine actually “invested” in Beanies to plan for her kids’ college educations, oy. I guess we all know how that worked out.

  3. In the 90’s I did not get was the fuss was about Beanie Babies, but I was really obsessed with collection troll dolls. I still have quite a few of them. Indeed, the enjoyment you get out of something can make it very valuable to you, even if it’s not worth a lot of money. Although I’ve seen toys on Ebay and Amazon that are just little pieces of plastic that cost insane amounts of money, lol.

  4. It actually seems to have some really good advice. Hopefully there’s something like this that’s more current.

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