Intruder in Your Home coverIntruder in Your Home: How to Defend Yourself Legally With a Firearm

Submitter: I found this book on my local urban public library. I think it was a good purchase for 1983. A bit scary, but that’s one way to present the information. However, more than half this book covers states’ rights on how to defend yourself. Out of date now. Just as an example, Florida’s Stand Your Ground law was enacted in 2005. That won’t be covered in this book.

Holly: Suuuuper creepy cover! Look, this book is filled with outdated statistics. That alone makes it a weeder for most public libraries.

Side note: The section [included below] about sleepwalkers creeped me right the heck out. Little known fact: I’m a chronic sleepwalker. I have regular (weekly-ish) episodes where I lash out and scream and holler. The Husband is not amused, but really he should be thanking me. I’m trying to save his life, ya know? We can never have a firearm in our bedroom.

Intruder in Your Home contents

violent crime

dreamers and sleepwalkers

firing a shotgun

what the assailant sees


  1. I just foresee tragedy, where someone shoots their own child or something.

    Cruit also wrote “Survive the Coming Nuclear War.” I love how he says he’s not paranoid.

    Stupid burglars, not turning off the lights.

  2. I don’t get Americans at all. They’re banning the Confederate Flag and everything to do with it, including reruns of The Dukes of Hazzard. They banned Kinder’s Surprise Eggs, which are still perfectly legal here in Canada. There even have schools where they’ve banned things like playing baseball or students shaking hands. But banning firearms? Good Heavens, the end of civilization as we know it! Yes, I know reply this will be disliked.

    1. Do you know how stupidly easy it is to smuggle in small amounts of firearms into the US? One of my brothers (who’s not a very law abiding citizen himself, which is why he didn’t report the guy) used to work with a guy who’d buy 4 or 5 handguns in Mexico for $100 then sell them to gang members and the like here in the US. Unless we built a Game Of Thrones style wall along both boarders all banning firearms will do is ensure only law breakers will get them. We’ve seen how well prohibition worked for booze.

      As for Kindereggs, I don’t get where people think they’re banned because I have seen them for sale in stores that specialize in German and Danish imports.

      1. No, banning would never work. However, some restriction/regulation could probably improve matters. After all, when Prohibition was repealed, we didn’t decide “Alcohol for all with no restrictions whatever”. You still have to be of the legal age, etc.

      2. That’s strange, I have read in the news, that most of the firearms in Mexico come form the USA.why would some go to Mexico to buy guns, when it would be cheaper and easier to get them in the USA?

        According to [U.S.] Justice Department figures, 94,000 weapons were recovered from Mexican drug cartels in the five years between 2006 and 2011, of which 64,000 — 70 percent — come from the United States.”[citation needed] Once guns are obtained at gunshops in the United States, they are then smuggled into Mexico across the US-Mexico border.[3][

  3. The crime statistics, too, are long out of date now, too. As I recall, violent crime has actually been going /down/ across most of the US since the early 1990s.

  4. After looking at the cover, if you are home invaded by magician David Copperfield, this is the book for you!

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