Introducing Macrame

introducing macrame coverIntroducing Macrame

It’s been a while since I ran into a macrame book. So I was kind of excited to see this book. Actually, I ended up being a bit disappointed because it wasn’t as awful as I expected. I miss the ridiculous clothing from this book. And this one. And this one too.

This book was more about “look at macrame” rather than how to do macrame. Think of this as a cursory art demo. They have a few examples of clothing and accessories. Nothing that would set the world on fire.

Even in 1970, this probably wasn’t a great public library purchase. I would have been more interested in titles that showed some instruction. Weed it and move on with your life.

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  1. Titles for future books:
    Exit Interview with Macramé
    Divorce Proceedings with Macramé
    Hospice for Macramé
    Dishonorable Discharge for Macramé
    Dismissal for Macramé
    Two Weeks Notice for Macramé
    Escort from the Premises for Macramé

    1. Referral for Grand Jury Action for Macrame
      Conditional Discharge with Reporting Requirements for Macrame
      Entry Level Separation for Macrame

  2. Introducing Macrame.

    “Hello, Macrame, nice to meet you.”

    This seems to take its title literally, just showing examples of it as if no one had ever seen it before. I think it was useless in 1970. Looking at these pictures gives you no idea of how to do it yourself.

    For truly frightening macrame, search “macrame hanging BART” and rejoice with us locals that it’s no longer hanging doom-ishly over commuters.

  3. I recently blundered into some rerun episodes of the original 1970s/1980s “One Day At a Time”…………….

    What IS it about this macrame that screams “Julie Cooper”(the daughter played by Mackenzie Phillips)?

    Besides, isn’t this a British book/edition?

  4. I think macramé grew out of tapestry weaving, but no…according to Wikipedia.

    So macramé was a sailors’ thing and evolved to be like lace adornments…..I’ve seen how lace bobbins are displayed in an elaborate mechanism….macramé seems easier, but if you wouldn’t show as lace you shouldn’t show as macramé; especially a macramé wedding veil….definitely don’t use macramé for a wedding veil….too late:

  5. I confess that one of my deeper, darker secrets is that I LOVE to collect old weeded macrame books. I was a kid the 70’s and made my share of hideous hanging planters and lumpy belts, but I think my passion for these books comes instead from a drive to answer two questions: 1) there MUST be something you could make with these techniques that could be both truly useful and attractive – and yet, no one has be able to come up with one in 50 years; and 2) what kind of national/communal delusion is required to make people think they look good in these things? Who actually looked at the models in the macrame fashion photographs and said “Hey! I could really rock that look. I’ll spend 10 hours straight knotting string and I’ll be good to go.”

    1. Oh, I don’t know — I might actually wear that evening coat, if I had an appropriate evening. But no vests, please.

      1. The evening coat wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t in such clashing colors. You’d make a big entrance because people could *hear* you arriving in that.

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