Intimate Feelings and Your Man

why can't men open up

Why Can’t Men Open Up?
Naifeh and Smith

Ladies, once again we have super advice on how to understand your man and get him to open up. Evidently, the women’s movement has made your man unsure of his own worth and role in your relationship.  Men are left floundering in the new male/female relationships.

The authors identify some tropes such as the Strong Silent Man, the Loner, and the Workaholic. They also discuss male communication styles and how cultural expectations create some serious problems for men. The book isn’t too bad for the time. It does have a pop psychology feel, although a decent bibliography. I think it would have been popular in the 80s and even into the 1990s, and an appropriate purchase for a library.

Since I was the target market for this book back in the day, I will say it might have appealed to me, since I married Mr Introverted Engineer. 36 years later, I don’t want to know his feelings except for what he feels like having on his pizza. We haven’t divorced or killed each other, so I think we are good with a limited discussion of feelings.


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