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dangers on the internet

Dangers on the Internet
Staying safe on-line

This is part of one of those series that tackle issues for teens. This book was just fine for the early 2000s. It was before Facebook and other social media, which presents its own kind of “danger.” This book really doesn’t address dangers, but more is about standards of behavior. It also assumes that the kids are low tech, which isn’t necessarily wrong for the time. This book is really not helpful anymore. Issues of cyberbullying, doxing, threats, and other dangers just weren’t mentioned. Frankly, this book should have been retired by 2006. I take that back, it was probably a candidate for weeding as soon as MySpace showed up.

I remember early on doing a social media presentation for parents, specifically about MySpace. I remember pulling up a random account and the parents nearly keeled over over seeing what kids were posting. Half of them were going to take computers away. Oh, the simple days of social media. I wonder what Tom is up to.



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  1. I think a lot more libraries would be a lot more useful if they adhered to your rule of “teen non-fiction should not be older than the teens”. Particularly in tech.

    This predates not only social media, but the all-important cell phones!

  2. I remember that the common advice of the time was “Don’t put a computer in your child’s bedroom; keep it in an open area of your home so that you can supervise.” Having the Internet in your pocket obviously wasn’t thought of yet.

  3. I still remember being really jazzed about emoticons and thought how neat it was that you could use ordinary keyboard symbols to show your feelings in text. Now I go to Reddit and for some strange reason they hate emojis so much they automatically downvote you if you so much as show a smiley face. 🙁

  4. I love that caveat in the Ethics section that pirating music is wrong only if *you* believe it’s wrong.

    1. Yes, it’s wrong and illegal to copy someone’s term paper, but go right ahead and take someone’s music if you want to.

      Some ethics there!

      1. To be fair, one is piracy, the other is plagiarism, so they could be treated differently without inconsistency. More likely, it was an accident that didn’t get fixed before the book was printed.

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