Insider Secrets About Boys

What Girls Want to Know About Boys
Unger and Berman

Figuring out boys evidently is a topic for the ages. I remember my teenage daughter asking me why they are so stupid and I remember asking my mom the same thing back in the 1970s. So, here are all the questions you want to ask. Too bad a good chunk of the answers are pretty awful. In this book you can learn:

  • boys are much more emotionally “controlled” than girls
  • boys are aroused by just about anything and girls  often don’t even know they are being “provocative”
  • boys are much more in touch with “reality” than girls because they will eventually have to support a family
  • boys need girls to hold them in check, sexually
  • boys like girls to be well groomed and have manners
  • boys think being feminine is the same as being helpless, and girls take advantage of that

Wow, I had no idea. Good thing I am a modern woman and that attitude isn’t around anymore. Oh wait, yes it is.


P.S. This is the second advice book we have had from Art Unger. Don’t be a “square” let Art school you in the finer points of cool.

back cover of what girls want to know about boys

synopsis of book

are men superior to women?

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girls are responsible for stopping boys


  1. I was just telling a young whippersnapper yesterday about the noncredit class my college required all women (not men) to take on “etiquette”. One session was a panel of upperclass frat guys telling us what men expected of women. There were rumblings in the classroom.
    Oh, this was in 1960. And men (not women–our required PE course was “Games for Social Recreation, i.e., party games) did have to pass a swimming test in order to graduate.

  2. Unfortunately, some of this “advice” is still being disseminated by certain churches, especially “Boys can’t control themselves, full stop, therefore it’s up to the girl to dress and act modestly so as not to cause them to ‘stumble.’

  3. What on earth are those people supposed to be doing on pages 8 and 9? From putting my arms in that position, my best guess is strangling themselves.

  4. men are more “controlled” emotionally
    Well, of course they are. That’s why, in an adult relationship, it is the woman’s job to sense the man’s current emotional state, and modify her own behavior accordingly. You can’t expect the man to be responsible for his …

    … uh… Wait a minute. How does this work, again?

  5. I was trying really hard to think of something clever to say that didn’t sound misandrist or feminist, but I got nothing.

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