Innovation and Change

Innovation and Change coverPromoting Innovation and Change in Organizations and Communities: A Planning Manual
Rothman, Erlich, and Teresa

Submitter: Someone donated this to [public library] along with a bunch of other mid-70s and early 80s business manuals. Do people really think we want this stuff, or do they just feel better about unloading it on the library than throwing it out themselves?

Holly: They feel better about leaving it at the library. What possible use could any library have for this in 2019? It has write-in worksheets, the kiss of death in library materials. It talks about working with organizations for the “retarded.” Also, total snooze-fest. There’s nothing innovative about it, 40+ years later.

Innovation and Change worksheet

Innovation and Change worksheet

Innovation and Change

Innovation and Change excerpt



    1. LOL. I worked at a software company in roughly that era (of the Dilbert strip). We managers had to write departmental achievement plans (against which we would be measured and given bonuses accordingly) that addressed the company’s goals, which they called “strategic thrusts.” The women managers thought this was pretty funny.

      …One year they messed up the formula for calculating bonuses (a zero ended up in the denominator) so that nobody got what they were expecting (expectations based on previous years). I remember I got enough to buy myself a new handbag LOL.

  1. If the rest of the content is as high in quality as “Whay key community groups…” (top of page 49), I don’t think this would ever have been very useful.

    This kind of stuff always seemed to me to be a painful elaboration of the obvious* — and unnecessary for anyone with common sense. Awful.

    *to borrow a phrase used to describe both economics and sociology

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