Another Immature Humor Alert

Warfare in the Enemy's Rear coverWarfare in the Enemy’s Rear

I love this title! All I did was giggle every time the word “rear” was used. Then I got to the Appendix and it was all about deep penetration. Even more giggling!

Having only one military history class as a undergraduate (I am now counting how many wars have happened since that class), I cannot speak to this book’s quality, but I am sure that the author did not want a 50-something librarian giggling like a 12 year old boy at this book. Too bad for him.

School started around here and I am still digging out from the Labor Day weekend. I needed a little naughty humor for the week. Unleash your inner middle school boy!



deep penetration in warfare


  1. When I saw the title, I thought 1863 was the copyright and Winfield Scott (although I really didn’t remember his name, just that he was a general and was highly revered for his fighting style). That being said, I, too, snicker at that awful use of wording. Hee, hee, hee…

  2. Unfortunate title aside, that sounds like very worthwhile reading for anyone studying the Pacific Theatre of the Second World War, or the opening phases of the Vietnam War for that matter.

  3. Why have so many words that were perfectly normal at one time now devolved into something vulgar or derogatory? I’ll bet in another decade nearly all words in the English language will be “dirty”.

  4. I have an inner 12-yr-old schoolboy, but I also have about 50 12-yr-old schoolboys who come into my school library. They would have a field day with this title! But when it came down to researching war, they wouldn’t touch this book with a …oh, right! (*snicker!*)

  5. Many people throughout time have just liked innuendo, Lora. Just read some Shakespeare to see that nothing much has changed on that front.

    As a primary teacher I have to be careful not to giggle when kids say something unintentionally funny that would be inappropriate to explain to someone their age. Also when they do things like leave the o out of count or other unfortunate misspellings.

    And I have to keep up with all the modern innuendo so 12 year olds don’t giggle at me.

  6. I worked at a company where we had a Management By Objectives thing set up that used all sorts of military-style terms. We women managers would definitely giggle when we were asked to characterize our group’s activities relative to predefined “Strategic Thrusts” and such. Of course, the top executives were all guys.

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