I’m a Nurse, Not a Woman

Nurse into Woman coverNurse into Woman
1948 (original copyright 1941)

Our heroine Kristine says she is going to be a nurse, not a woman. I guess they are mutually exclusive. But our gal Kristine has two possible guys that are quite sure she really needs to be a woman: handsome Captain Jim and super doctor Lee Bowen. Any guesses on the outcome? I think we already know that her destiny is to be a woman rather than a nurse.


Nurse into Woman back cover

Nurse into Woman description

Nurse into Woman cast of characters

Nurse into Woman excerpt


  1. from all the nurse books available, who knew that nurses lived such romance, adventure packed lives? Makes me question my career choices 🙂

  2. Wow! He loves her because she is “like a birch tree growing in one of [his] NH pastures.” How could she ever say no?

  3. Ah yes, being a woman is a job and you can’t work two jobs. At least that was the theory I often saw in old movies.

  4. But, wait, are the two suitors a captain and a doctor or a man and another man? Oh right. They got to be both.

  5. I would be jealous of Kristine for getting all the breaks too. I’d love more breaks.

  6. Is the grabby Dean Martin drunk on the cover the hospital Chief of Staff? Are those the skilled hands of the physician?

    I assume she ends up with one of the men, but

  7. This is so poorly written it wouldn’t make it to the Avalon/Thomas Bouregy list, let alone Mills & Boon/Harlequin.
    I rather doubt it ever saw the shelf of any public library, anywhere. Thank goodness.

  8. Wow! The size of the man’s hand in the cover! It extends over her entire back and the top of her arm.

  9. No wonder there’s been nursing shortages…All of those females torn between role of woman or role of nurse….. makes so much sense. It would have nothing to do with a high stress job and lack of public funding or access to education.

  10. Is it bad that even though I’m a feminist, I’d rather be a woman than a nurse? This is nothing to do with the romantic opportunities, and more to do with the fact I don’t want to clean up other people’s poo.

    1. Ro, being a feminist means you have the right to choose whether to be a woman, or clean up other people’s poo, or maybe even both!

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