If your child is drinking…

If Your Child is Drinking cover

If Your Child is Drinking…
What you can do to fight alcohol abuse at home, at school and in the community

I think the cover art says it all. You life is shattered! Get it?

Of course this information is outdated and so are the agencies in the referral. It probably goes without saying there aren’t any websites either…

This is a great example of a book way past a sell-by date. It isn’t necessarily bad (although the cover art is weird), there are better and more modern resources for patrons. Give me a reason to keep rather than a reason to weed.



If Your Child is Drinking inside flap

If Your Child is drinking back cover

How to help your child


  1. Apparently girls do not drink at parties–which is news to me! But, if our young lady doesn’t, she can ask one of the other boys (who is not drinking, obviously) to intervene. Out of date, and unrealistic even for 1981.

    1. She could be drinking, the question is about what she’d do if she sees her date getting high.

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