If you don’t swing, don’t ring

Hef's Little Black Book coverHef’s Little Black Book
Hefner and Zehme

I know all you playboys out there want Hef’s inside secrets with the ladies. Well wonder no more, you can find Hef’s personal “little black book” at the library. In addition, Hef gives you all sorts of life advice about business and self-confidence.¬†Meeting is in the bedroom.¬†Pajamas are optional.


Hef's little black book back cover

Millie and Hef

Pick up lines

A successful party requires female overpopulation





  1. The cover looks pretty beat up, so I might weed for condition, but 2004 biographies circ pretty well where I work, and I don’t think I’d replace this unless there’s a much newer Hefner autobio out there. Is it well written? Politically agreeable? No, but if it’s what patrons want, so be it.

  2. Billie Holliday sang Good Morning Heartache and Strange Fruit, I don’t think anyone wants their life to be like those songs….

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