I want to be a librarian! Kid Edition

i want to be a librarian

As we close up National Library Week for 2019, I thought I would revisit some of my youth and teen favorites that are all about the library life. I personally would snap up any of these books in a book sale for my own entertainment, but if we are trying to get kids interested in librarianship, it might be time to upgrade. We have 2 versions of the I want to be a librarian book: 1960 and the 2003.  Both are charming in their own way, but I think we can entice the kids with something more up to date.

I hope everyone enjoys a good National Library Week. Click on the the title to see the original posts.


I Want to be a librarian

I Want To Be A Librarian

Librarians A to Z cover

Librarians A to Z

Some Day I'll Be a Librarian

Some Day I’ll Be a Librarian



  1. Interesting. Apparently back in 1960, libraries had sheets across the front, instead of windows. Very warm and open, I guess.

  2. There was a time when custodians of branch libraries in NYC were given apartments over the library as part of their wages. There are many interesting stories by children of these families who enjoyed free use of the library after the place closed to the public.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in a library?

  3. A little late on this comment, but I feel bad for the girls on the far left on and right the last book craning their neck to try (without success) to see the pages of that book.

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