I don’t understand my kids

how can I understand my kids? book cover

How can I understand my kids?
Bridging the generation gap

Short answer: you can’t.

I have decided that one of the most popular subsets of parenting books is the understanding/I want to kill my teenager books. Parenting books are kind of a Hail Mary for surviving the drama of teens. Every generation goes through this. The themes are similar: kids don’t listen to parents and all their abundant advice/demands/standards. Kids complain that parents are basically clueless. Both sides are correct. Can this be solved with some scripture and this book? I doubt it.

Although a Christian themed book,  it wasn’t overly judgmental and it did put much of the burden of communication on the parents. The examples are interesting, but again, assume white, upwardly mobile families with lots of resources and choices. How can they be real problems if you have resources and choices?

In other news, this book is in lousy shape. It probably should have been weeded decades ago. I am not even sure of the cover or color. Yes, that is the real cover of my copy. I can’t tell if that was mostly damage or an artistic choice. My money is on a combination of both.


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anecdotes about teen pregnancy


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  1. The cover does look like a piece of charcoal pencil or airbrush art done on, or superimposed over, a rough piece of particle-board plywood……

  2. Bets on whether they made Jan give the baby up for adoption? (Because you know they wouldn’t let her get an abortion, even though she “doesn’t want” it)

  3. I’ve figured it out!

    Bridge the generation gap with the particleboard that makes up most of the cover.

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