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What to Say When You Talk to Your Self

Feeling lonely? Lack self-esteem? Need a plan to make your dreams happen? Start talking to yourself! Through the power of positive affirmations, you can transform yourself into a better person. Break out your inner Stuart Smalley and start saying good things.

Here are a few library oriented positive affirmations to try:

“I am not going to cry.”

“The smell is not too awful.”

“I will catch up on paperwork.”

“My paycheck is huge.”

“The parents will pay attention and stop the toddler from wrecking the place.”

“The director is not crazy.”

Feel better?



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  1. I’m sorry. but I choose the fact that I rather enjoy not having my stomach acid eat its way though my digestive system until I have ulcers that would make a 90-year old alcoholic chain smoker envious over being a complete Pollyanna. 🙂

    1. Come and visit my very old, very small, and very crowded library branch and you’ll see what she means about the smell….ugh…..

  2. I used to work as an interlibrary loan tech and our copy of this book went out ALL THE TIME. I’m actually a little disappointed to see how run of the mill 80s self-help it is on the inside.

  3. This was one of the candidates for the Diagram Prize for Oddest Title of the Year!

  4. Gosh! I’ve never talked to myself, thanks God:) And I hope I never will. Couldn’t imagine such books may exist. Every book I read is at least full of some common sense:) I love Orwell and Wilde. They were the gods of their time.
    With love,
    Mary Books Gilbert (writer and librarian)

  5. The page images are larger than usual and are moving off the right side of my screen — but there is no scroll bar. What to do to read the right-hand text?

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